By Rory Macnamara

Jazzman Sanitary Engineers recently installed a water reticulation system at Rosebank 5 Parks.

PRV after the pump reticulation of water to the building in tank room. All images supplied by Plumbing Africa

PRV after the pump reticulation of water to the building in tank room. All images supplied by Plumbing Africa

Rosebank 5 Parks is situated in the hub of the bustling Rosebank area – home to art galleries, fine dining, and world-class shopping. It forms part of a mixed-use precinct that promotes a vibrant street culture, with beautifully planned walkways, paths, cycle lanes and linear parks. The rooftop even includes an entertainment area for gatherings.



Jazzman Sanitary Engineers were contracted to handle the water reticulation system for the gorgeous, modern precinct.

SA Heat pump engineers

The water from the municipal council supply is fed into a holding tank in the basement of the building. From the sectional holding tank in the basement, the water is metered and circulated to the building via a pressure pump.

There are two 200ℓ geysers on the roof with two heat pumps that have hot water return and circulation pumps. Hot water is fed to the shower room and basin situated on each floor. Basins in the common area do not have a hot water supply at all.

Hydro MPC - Grundfos

High density polyethylene (HDPE) was utilised for all internal drainage and water supplies as HDPE is a greener option. Not only is it environmentally friendly, but it also provides the durability and longevity needed for the job.

All waste and sewerage lines were installed with HDPE from Geberit. All pipes are butt welded or connected with electricfusion couplings. Galvanised pipes were installed for all main cold-water lines and rises in ducts. Copper was installed in walls and branches in ducts.

The rainwater disposal system was designed by Geberit, making use of the Pluvia system. The reason behind this was because all lines that are vertical run level and can be cast in roof slab with outlets.

There is also a cold-water connection on the roof that feeds the aircon chillers on the roof. This is for make-up water from the chilled water system. If a leak occurs in this system, this assists in keeping the pressure of the water at operating pressure. The pressure reducing valve is set to chilled water operating pressure and is linked to the BMS system. An alarm will sound if there is a leak.

All water points to floors and areas are metered as this is a multi-tenanted building.

Project details

Owners: Interprop
Architect: GLH Architects
Consulting Engineer: Izazi
QS: Jen Schutte Main
Contractor: Concor
Plumber: Jazzman Plumbing


  • Ariston
  • Better Basins
  • Duravit
  • Hansgrohe
  • Geberit
  • Grundfos
  • Plumblink
  • SA Heat Pump