Water issues in the news again. How can plumbers help?

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The Minister of Water and Sanitation, Mr Senzo Mchunu is aware of the water supply challenges that are being experienced by the communities of Othongathi, Phoenix and Verulam in the City of eThekwini, in KwaZulu-Natal, and has continuously been engaging the municipality to find permanent solutions that will ensure that water is fully restored, and residents have reliable supply.

More and more people are searching for backups as infrastructure continues to fail.

With these challenges, experienced across the country and affecting all provinces, it is vital to educate clients on the benefits of rainwater harvesting and purification. These systems provide peace of mind, allowing homes to have a back up water supply in times of need.

The main concern here, though, is having these water harvesting and purification systems correctly installed. Homeowners and companies cannot simply put a water storage tank on their property and hope for the best. These systems need proper installation that complies with legislation and SANS.

IOPSA is aware of this need from the communities they serve and have noticed the increase in demand for water harvesting systems. As a result, the professional body is available to offer technical advice and support.

Contact your local IOPSA branch for more information or visit their website: IOPSA – Home